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My reflexology practice has been permanently closed as I switch gears to focus on my graphic design business. My apologies to all those who wanted to continue with my work.

Thank you to all my former clients who have blessed me with their personalities and business over the years!

Current Mask & Safety Policy

 For the safety and wellness of all our clients and patients, our wellness office requires that you be free of COVID symptoms and known exposure for two weeks prior to appointments. Laura requires properly worn facial masks for all reflexology appointments until further notice. She is fully vaccinated as of Spring 2021.

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Rates & Location

$85 for 60 minutes

Acceptable Payment

Cash, Check, Credit Card


2770 DAGNY WAY, #210


To Save Time...

Please download a

Reflexology Intake Form

prior to your session to maximize

your reflexology session time.


Before You Arrive

If possible, please wear clothing that is comfortable and loose, especially around the ankles and lower legs. During a session, I usually will work the lower leg muscles before beginning work on the feet. In respect of my chemically sensitive clients, please do not bring or wear any fragrances to my office. Please arrive on time to receive your full appointment time.

To save time, you can download this Good Nurture Reflexology Intake Form, fill it out prior to your session and bring it in with you.

Your Reflexology Session

If this is your first session, we’ll begin with a brief intake and go over what your health concerns, challenges and goals are. If you’ve had a session before, we’ll go over how you responded to your previous session and any current health concerns and goals. Once we’ve briefly talked, we’re ready for the session.

Sessions begin with your socks and shoes removed. There is no disrobing. Sessions are usually applied while you lie down on your back on my reflexology/massage table.

Once comfortably on the reflexology table, I will begin to palpate and relax your feet, hands and/or ears. Sessions can be done completely on the feet, or hands, or ears or usually, a combination of the three. I may work parts of the lower leg if the muscles are tight and are affecting the foot structure. I work to your specific needs, comfort level. My method of reflexology feels like a deep foot massage as I work the reflexes.

After Your Session

After the session, you will most likely feel very relaxed and possibly sleepy, however sometimes clients leave feeling instantly energized. It really depends on your body’s constitution and overall health needs. Give yourself some time to rest. As reflexology stimulates your entire body, it is important to drink plenty of water following the session to flush out any impurities and to re-hydrate your body. Most of all, enjoy the day!

How Often Do I Need Reflexology?

While benefits from reflexology can begin almost immediately, everybody is unique. The sessions are individually based. My clients typically come monthly, every other week, or whenever they need a therapeutic boost. There is no set interval for how many sessions you need to have. You’ll be your best judge on this question. we’re ready for the session.



Experience Reflexology
For Yourself

Whether you are in good health, a little ill, or suffer from severe or chronic conditions, reflexology and reflexology foot massage may benefit you. In more serious conditions, it is a good complement to other methods of health care, as it promotes relaxation. If you have any questions about the safety of reflexology and your particular condition, it is wise to consult a licensed health care professional you trust.