Wellness & Reflexology

Laura is a Certified Reflexologist with over 20 years experience and practice in integrative reflexology and healing arts.

Improve Your Health with Reflexology.   I understand the burden and stress our feet endure. Come and treat your feet with my therapeutic foot reflexology technique. Whether you are young or old, in good health or weathering the effects of stress, trauma or disease, reflexology can benefit almost everyone.

It can assist people dealing with a range of issues and is a safe, natural, and non-intrusive form of therapy that feels great!  I offer foot, hand, and ear reflexology. Enjoy the benefit of one or an integration of all three! My technique may be compared to a mixture of a soothing, therapeutic and deep foot massage and foot acupressure.


Visual Art & Design

Laura is also an Artist & Graphic Designer specializing in logo development and branding material for small companies and entrepreneurs.

Creating Your Identity. I'm excited to create that perfect logo and promotional material for your new company or project. Tell me what ideas, feelings and/or symbolism you want to convey, and I will help bring your vision to life... I gladly offer you affordability, excellence and genuinely friendly service.

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