I am a Certified Diet Counselor, specializing in mostly plant-based, whole food, and balanced nutrition. My certification is through IET, now Bauman College, in California.  Although this isn’t the emphasis of my work, I can help guide people towards healthy eating lifestyles.

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Supplement your Diet...

Another way to make sure you get enough Fruit & Vegetables in your diet is to supplement with Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable capsules, chewables or shake powder. A great choice in supplementing your diet.

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Grow Your Own Food... Vertically!

If you love to grow your own food, check out the Tower Garden! This is about as easy as it gets to growing your own fruit and veggies!  Use indoors our outside! I grow my own crops year-round with this in a garden dome we built in Colorado. 

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Grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs easily!

How Smooth Is Your Ride?

Health is more than just a reflexology session, or a bowl of kale, or a run in the park. It’s about the consistent experience of a balanced lifestyle that feeds the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Consistency and balance are key to a healthy life.

Think of your life likened to the spokes of a wheel. Each spoke represents the important keys that keep you feeling balanced, whole, healthy and happy. If everything is well balanced, your tire is round… you are cruising along in an even flow. But if some key elements are off balanced and neglected (like sleep, exercise, or friendships) or if one is overwhelmed or over indulged in (like work or play), you’ve created a divet or bump in your wheel. It’s no longer round and smooth.

What keeps your tire round, smooth and flowing? When all the spokes (or crucial categories of your life) are nice, even and working to their full potential.

Take the time to find the important spokes in your life, and make a point to keep them consistently nurtured and balanced.