Destressing Your Holidays and Life

If you are looking to find peace this holiday season, and any and every other time, the words of wisdom from the HeartMath Institute go a long way.

Here is a featured article by Doc Childre of HeartMath in Prevention with 5 simple yet powerful ways to transform your stress:

Here are some excerpts:

  • Release Frustration, Impatience, Irritation and Anxiety: When you feel impatient, stop and still your body and mind; then imagine you are breathing in the attitude of patience. If you feel anxiety, breathe the feeling of calm and inner balance... This resets your emotional system and stops the stress response. 
  • Say No to Drama: ...become conscious of when you are preoccupied with excessive worry and drama. Then, when you sense drama coming on, try to slow down and take pause (again, be still in your body and your mind, just for a moment).
  • Reduce Self-Judgement: Practice releasing judgments of yourself. Be easy on yourself. Try to connect to your heart, release your feelings of self-doubt, and move on. Don’t wonder, “Did I do it right? Are my self-doubt feelings gone?” Just practice releasing and moving on. Be casual about it.  
  • Reopen the Heart-Feeling: [Offer] kindness and compassionate support to others or volunteering to help others in need, though we are in need ourselves. Acts of care, kindness, gratitude, and compassion can make a big difference.  
  • Watch and Read the News with Balance Emotion: It’s our responsibility to have compassion and concern for other people’s pain, but self-care is also an essential responsibility. There’s a difference between having compassion for a situation and emotionally obsessing over it until it becomes a personal stress deficit. 

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