How Does Your Sunscreen Rate?

The EWG's 5th annual sunscreen report is here! They analyzed more than 600 beach and sport sunscreens and found that they could only recommend one in five sunscreens for this summer! The rest either don't protect enough or contain hazardous ingredients that don't belong on your skin.

I know you count on sunscreens to protect you and your family from sunburn and to help prevent sun damage and skin cancer, so please take a moment to check out our most comprehensive Sunscreen Guide to date. You can look up your sunscreen or find out our top-rated sunscreens.

Click here to check out this year's Sunscreen Guide!

This report is packed with invaluable information from the best sunscreens to sun safety tips. There's even a Hall of Shame to shine a light on the sunscreen industry's worst practices.