Self-Help Points for Allergies

Spring is blooming, and so are allergies!

Here are is a helpful guide to some points (acupressure / reflexology / auriculotherapy) that you can work to help relieve your allergy symptoms.

The chart to the left shows ear and hand points you can work. For the ear, simply press or squeeze the points for a few minutes throughout the day.

For the web points in the hands, firmly squeeze for a few minutes. In addition, squeeze and pull on the fingers and toes. The tips of the fingers and toes are great too. Firmly put pressure on them with your fingers tips.

Of course, there are many other points to work, but this will give you a good start!

In addition, here are some other helpful ideas for reducing allergies:

Drink plenty of water - stay hydrated
Use a neti-pot - to clean out the nasal passages
Shower every night - wash off pollens, allergens
Eat organic, whole fruits & veggies - supports healthy body and doesn't over-tax your system