Self-Help Points for Allergies

Spring is blooming, and so are allergies!

Here are is a helpful guide to some points (acupressure / reflexology / auriculotherapy) that you can work to help relieve your allergy symptoms.

The chart to the left shows ear and hand points you can work. For the ear, simply press or squeeze the points for a few minutes throughout the day.

For the web points in the hands, firmly squeeze for a few minutes. In addition, squeeze and pull on the fingers and toes. The tips of the fingers and toes are great too. Firmly put pressure on them with your fingers tips.

Of course, there are many other points to work, but this will give you a good start!

In addition, here are some other helpful ideas for reducing allergies:

Drink plenty of water - stay hydrated
Use a neti-pot - to clean out the nasal passages
Shower every night - wash off pollens, allergens
Eat organic, whole fruits & veggies - supports healthy body and doesn't over-tax your system

Emotions on Food, Mindful Eating

If we condemn anything that we eat, we are condemning ourselves in the process and our food will not agree with our harmonious, natural state of being. We will then experience the feelings that we offer our food (perhaps in a different context), until they get loud enough that we are able to recognize the feelings we are offering and decide to release them.
If you have a bowl of ice cream and feel, "This is bad food for me. I am weak and have no will power to not eat this...", and continue to eat, you have just made yourself weaker. You have confirmed to yourself you are weak in will power, and you have weakened your body's physical health. Perhaps this is because the ice-cream is not a good choice for your well being, and/or because you've condemned it and yourself. So now maybe you feel bloated, irritable, tired, or fatigued. Notice yourself. Your feelings of weakness will continue to manifest in you as you continue to offer them.
Now, if you take that same ice cream and say "I love myself. Is this the right choice for my well being?" You might actually put the ice cream down, or you might eat it. Be mindful and loving in whatever decision you make.
If you do eat it, decide to be mindful while eating it. Love yourself, observe yourself, and be non-judgmental. Ask what is the purpose of eating it? Are you actually hungry? Is there a feeling you are trying to gain, loose, or move? Feel the temperature and texture in your mouth. How do you feel with each bite? How does your mind and heart feel? How does your body feel? Is the food satisfying you? How do you feel after you've eaten it?
Embrace the moment for what it is and the gems of love and wisdom it has given you.

Brussels Sprouts Please!

Ok kids (and adults), it's time to give Brussels Sprouts a try. Believe it or not, my daughter was first exposed to Brussels Sprouts on a cartoon show. (It amazes me the vegetables I have YET to introduce to her... I'll be on a mission now to expose the fruit and vegetable world!)

So after seeing those green little veggies on Olivia, she said... "Mom, what are Brussels Sprouts?" Knowing she was a huge fan of raw food and cabbage, I said "They are like little baby cabbages". Then she immediately asked to go to the store and buy them. So we did.

We brought them home and she looked at them with a smile. She immediately bit into one and was thrilled! They did taste like baby cabbages! And how fun they were too. Eat them in balls or peel them and eat the leaves one at a time! That was two days ago. Since then, she's asked for them over and over again.

The lesson? Continue to introduce new foods to your children. Just because you don't eat them or don't think they would like them is no reason to leave it out of the equation. You'd be surprise what kids will like (especially the more foods they are exposed to). Give them the benefit of the doubt and make it fun. Kids gravitate toward raw foods, so try raw versions first. Cooking vegetables can spoil the whole experience for kids.

So give those little green balls of nutrition a try! You just might like it!