10 Tips to Maximize Your Energy

Most of us live busy lives that leave us exhausted. We want more energy, but fail to develop the habits that will bring that energy to us. As Charles Nobel said: "First we make our habits, then our habits make us." Plug yourself into habits that make you energized! Here are some simple tips to a healthier and more energetic you!

1. Chew your food to liquid before you swallow
This allows you to digest your food easier (saving your body's energy for other important tasks); gives you the most nutrients out of your food for fuel; and creates a healthier alkaline internal environment (promoting increased health and vitality).

2. Drink water at least every 1-2 (waking) hours
Even when we “think” we are hydrated, we generally are not. This causes fatigue. By drinking every couple of hours we will not allow ourselves to become dehydrated. When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated - and exhaustion is sure to follow.

3. Make health food choices
Healthy foods primarily consist of raw, plant-based foods. This means, eat fresh, raw, and organic (when possible) vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and sea veggies. This provides your body with optimal energy as well as creates a healthy environment to thrive.

4. Eat often, but don't over eat
Between meals eat a palm-full of protein and/or veggies every 2 hours. This provides the extra fuel your body needs and also keeps your blood-sugar and cravings in balance. In addition, you won't be starving when it comes to meal time and you'll be satisfied with a smaller, lighter meal. Rule of thumb, eat every 2 hours and don't skip out on meals.

5. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night
This, like many suggestions, seems like a no-brainer. But without regular sleep we are robbing ourselves of the rest and repair time our bodies need. In addition, the longer we stay up at night, the more we tend to eat to try to compensate for our fatigue, which puts on the weight (not to mention drains our energy). Try to keep your hours of sleep regular, by going to sleep and rising at the same time every night. You will get a deeper sleep this way.

6. Eat high-nutrition foods, first thing in the morning
First off, never skip breakfast. In fact, try to eat within the first hour of waking. In addition, try to include some type of high-nutrition food, like vegetables, chia seeds , goji berries, maca root, spirulina, coconut, cacao – YES Chocolate (in the raw -- great in a smoothie). Click Super Foods for more power foods. Power foods make excellent snacks too!

7. Remove sugar, simple carbohydrates, caffeine, and stimulants
Don't be fooled by these "quick energy fixes". Sugar, simple carbohydrates, caffeine and other quick stimulants only drain you in the long run. Remove them and your body will naturally find a better steady stream of energy. It generally takes about 3 weeks to feel your stamina build and the cravings cease. It's well worth the effort!!

8. Find something that inspires and excites you!
This automatically raises your energy! Remember how much you got accomplished on a project you were super jazzed about? Or remember how much extra energy you had when you first fell in love? Tap into your power and do something daily that really excites you!

9. Move your body and sweat!
Find a fun daily movement or exercise that you enjoy doing. You need to move your body to keep your energy flowing - literally! And a moving body is a slimmer body.

10. Supplement your diet
Even with the best of diets, it is still hard to obtain everything we need with our food. Find a whole food supplement (not synthetic vitamins & minerals) that is of high quality. Do your research. Also, add spirulina or chlorella to your diet. And, if you are a vegan, it is usually best to supplement vitamin B-12 into your diet.