Simple, Live Food

Simplicity can be easily be found in food, however complex our grocery stores, restaurants, food advertisements, and kitchens have become. All we need to do is look back to nature. We remind ourselves where we and our food came from, and it wasn't a brightly colored, shrink-wrapped container.

Nature has provided humans and animals life as long as we've been here: before fire, farms, and factories. In it's raw form, food is more nutritious and life-giving than, obviously, its processed and cooked counterpart.

Why eat Live Food? Because of the laws of nature that say:

* Things produce after their own kind;
* From Life only can Life be created;
* We are what we eat

The concept is simple.

Live food creates a live body, dead food creates a dead body. Our bodies were designed to be fueled by live, organic foods. They are rich in nutrients, enzymes and life energy. When cooked, processed or altered in other ways, food nutrients, enzymes and constituents become damaged and our bodies no longer can utilized the life force food has to offer; instead, our bodies have to work harder to digest them. Void of digestive enzymes, our bodies steal metabolic enzymes just to get the food through. And a lot of it never makes it's way out. There it sits heavy, toxic, and begins to degenerate our life vitality.

Today's World

In essence, there is nothing more simple than going out in nature and picking a nutrient-rich, edible plant, consuming it, and being vitally nourished by it. However, in our current civilization, our simple pursuits may not be so quick to actualize. Concrete pastures; forests of buildings; toxic land, air, and water; little land or time to garden and prepare food leaves us with our simple hungry mouths wide open for a box of whatever-it-is we eat. And then, of course, there is the issue of what we are used to and what is 'normal'.

To Start

If you are remotely interested in health, nutrition and/or eating Live Food, please visit some of the resources on my website to learn more. I encourage you to start simple, even if it is adding a salad a day to your diet. (This is one of the BEST ways to transition to Raw/Live Food). Understand the facts (which is much too involved for the simplicity sake of my site). Educate yourself. David Wolfe's "SunFood Diet Success System" is an excellent book on how to successfully enter a Live Food lifestyle. In addition, buy a good recipe book, like "Raw Food, Real World". These two books were my first experiences with this new diet.

Preparing and eating live food can be as fun and complex as you make it. You can still have your ice-cream, pizza, burgers, chocolate, chips and more. I've found it is fun and delicious to make these treats. In fact, I am loving the taste of my food more now than I ever have. Honestly. However, in the pursuit of simplicity, when I feel overwhelmed with the process, I simplify (again), and grab a piece of fruit, kale, or nuts. Yeah, I learned to like that which I thought would never enter my mouth - kale.