Healthy Treat Ideas For Kids

Kids of all ages love raw vegetables when served with tasty dips. These may include hummus, veggie dips, whole milk yogurt, nut or seed butters, healthy salad dressings and more!

Apples - (wedges, diced or whole)
Asparagus – (spears, steamed)
Bananas - (peeled, whole or sliced)
Bell peppers (all colors - sliced long)
Berries (all kinds!) (fresh or frozen)
Broccoli – (florets, steamed or raw)
Carrots – (sticks or rounds, steamed or raw)
Cauliflower – (florets)
Celery – (sticks with or without nut or seed butter)
Cherry tomatoes – (whole or sliced)
Cucumber – (sticks and rounds)
Green beans – (ends removed, steamed or raw)
Jicama – (slices and sticks)
Mushrooms – (small whole, cube large)
Napa cabbage –(leaves)
Peas (raw, frozen, or steamed)
Radishes – (whole or slice sides, “petals”)
Raisins - (just they way the are)
Sugar snap/Snow peas – (whole, slivers)
Sweet Potatoes/Yams – (sticks, rounds)
Yellow squash – (sticks and rounds)
Zucchini – (sticks and rounds)

Want a fun meal with your kids!
Try healthier pizza!
Use a whole wheat pita bread for the crust. Put fresh tomatoe sauce and veggies to top. Cook like a pizza! To make them smile even more, make the veggies into a face! Olives for the eyes, brocolli hair, red bell pepper for a mouth, a mushroom for the nose. For more veggies, ground up some of their favorites and put that on top of the tomotoe base before making a face. Of course, for those who can tolerate cheese, add that too!